Divorce Your House & Your Spouse
Thomas is a Certified RCS-D Realtor (Divorce & Elder Estate Consumer Protection Realtor).

This is training that less than 5% of real estate agents and lenders have in the United States, yet over 50% of marriages end in divorce nationally. Divorce is hard enough without making uninformed decisions about your house and the division of assests.

Do you know the Top 5 Mistakes divorcing couples and their attorneys make each year?

Thomas does and he helps you and your attorney avoid them. Thomas has not only been through a divorce involving his son and real propertiues, he's helped dozens of divorcing couples annually, achieve successful sales of the marriage-house or assisted the house-spouse properly understand the value of the house in order to negotiate the Quit Claim of the out-spouse.

That's right, Thomas has FREE services to Family Law Attorneys for the house-spouse (the party keeping the property) and of course Listing Services for divorcing couples and their attorneys. Discreet sales and confidential conversations are our first priority.

Remember, a stable environment for your children is one you can afford to keep. 

Have your attorney contact Thomas J. Nelson and his team for a FREE consultation, or feel free to contact Thomas directly to discuss your situation and plans.

I've been through this, I understand the disruption, the pasin and the fear of starting over. Call me Mon-Sat 8am-6PM to discuss your questions. Your call is confidential and FREE.
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